Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Nail Tutorial

Great job, Jessia. Two posts in a week! Initially, I planned on posting this before Christmas but then I wasn't feeling very well on Christmas Eve. But I still think this nails will be perfect for a New Year's Eve event too! Probably because of the gold and glitters, the epitomes of New Year. As I've been wearing this since Christmas, my nails are not looking as good as what I have in the pictures below. I need to retouch them as I'm gonna wear them on the New Year's Eve service at my church! Also, if you are like me who still find it difficult to move on from Christmas, one of the most wonderful time of the year, I dedicated this easy, a bit Christmassy but still adorable New Year nail design to you.

All you need are red, white, glittery gold, and green nail polishes as well as a top coat (which I forgot to include in the picture). The dotting tool is optional. It will be good if you have one but if you don't, you can make one using a round-tipped bobby pin or a toothpick.

Apply white nail polish as a base color. Using the smaller tip of the dotting tool, draw golden lines vertically.

Draw three leaves using the green polish. If you find this difficult, you can use a separate small brush.

After that, use the bigger tip of the dotting tool to make the red berries. Dot them in between the leaves

Apply top coat and voilĂ ! You have your simple New Year's Eve nail design. I personally think it looks as if you put a lot of effort to your nails when it's actually pretty easy to do.
Happy New Year in advance to everybody! I hope 2014 will be a better and happier year for all of you. :)


  1. Cute nails!<3

    Happy New Year 2014,

  2. Love the gold stripes! happy new year:)


  3. I need to get me a gold glitter nail polish like that one. Mine are very light.


    1. Mine isn't that thick either. I needed to apply 2-3 coats for it to look like in the picture.


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