Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Feel More Christmassy

Christmas is in 13 days and if you haven't felt the spirit yet, try the followings:

While traditional folk songs can be pretty boring to some people, try these indie contemporary musics that I found while browsing on 8tracks.

For those who are more into the classy, elegant Christmas tunes that will give you the feeling of sitting down to a Christmas dinner in a high class restaurant with the ones you love, or even just chilling at Starbucks while working on your laptop or reading a book you love:

I'm sorry if you're a guy reading this. But to me, pretty nails always make me feel happy every time I look at them, especially when typing on my phone or laptop like this. High five if you're a girl and you agree with me!

During Christmas especially, having my nails painted in these designs just bring me into the festive mood and I especially attempt to grow my nails this holiday so that I can paint them easier and more beautifully.

This is the one that I did on my 'somewhat' long nails. I apologize for the untidy edges. I can never paint my nails without getting polish everywhere. It is pretty easy to do if you are interested to try it yourself. All you need are sky blue glittery, gold and white nail polish. Mine are the Pokari ones and if you live in Indonesia you'll know that this is probably the cheapest nail polish brand ever. You can get one bottle for only 6,000 IDR, which is around 60 cents in SGD! The one on the ring finger is optional. I don't know why but I like to put different nail design on that finger. I just think it looks cute. For my ring finger, I'm using one layer of my gold glittery nail polish and then I topped it with my OPI Euro Centrale

Although I believe it will look much neater if you use proper nail dotting tools and brushes, I just use a toothpick to draw all the snowflakes (you can also use a round-ended bobby pin). Lastly, I dotted the center of the snowflakes with the gold polish and topped it all off with a clear nail polish to give it a nice glossy effect.

These are the other two designs that I made on my finger nails (when it was still short) and my toe nails (pictures are from my Instagram).

I was inspired by missglamorazzi's DIY December video to make these adorable Christmas cards using colorful buttons as the main material.

As you can see, I also added some decorative stuffs like small bells, fake eyes, Christmassy ribbons, and the purple hairy cord type of thing (someone tell me the proper name, please).

I'm kinda addicted to making these because I think they are so cute that I decided to make eleven of them to be given to my besties. :)

CHRISTMAS TREE (and other home decors)
My favorite part of Christmas rituals has always been putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. If this still doesn't make you feel more Christmassy, I don't know what will.

Another picture taken from my Instagram. Someone should remind me to take pictures with my camera next time.

Anyway, I also made these beautiful snowflakes out of plain white paper last year and I pasted them all over the living room wall.

I've been considering on whether I should put this on the list because I haven't watched that many Christmas movies before. But, if you have time and you know of any Christmas movies that are good, do watch some with your family or friends and please, please recommend them to me! I've heard many people (mainly YouTubers, actually :p) said that the movie Elf is awesome. However, I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm still trying to search for it though. :(

But, I watched Frozen a few days ago on the DVD and it was amazing. I totally recommend this to everyone.

It's the kind of movie that you can never be too old to watch and I think everyone from all age will love it. I especially love Olaf, the snowman, because I think he is really funny and kind hearted.

Those are my 5 tips on How to Feel More Christmassy. I'm sorry I can't think of a better title. I do notice it sounds a bit cheesy but I hope it's interesting and somewhat helpful. Tell me in the comments if you have more tips or if you would like to recommend some Christmas songs or movies to me!

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